Mission & Vision

Gyan Prem Education and  social & Development society (GPESDS) founded on March 2003, in the motivational and inspiring Memories of Late Mr. G.P. Tiwari and his beloved wife Late Mrs. P. V. Tiwari. He has been Former Ex-Additional  Director(School Education).Mr. G.P. Tiwari was Famous Educationist, Successful & Renowned Administrator, having Versatile Qualities, An Environmentalist, Supporting Mass Plantation, Scouts & Guide- Head Quarter Commissioner and also commissioner of Various Sports, National Meets and YOGA Activities and received Various Awards and Achievements. We salute him & his work always motivates and lighten our Path…..

Objective of GPESDS :-

  1. To create a sense of brotherhood, cooperation, mutual harmony, love and affection amongst the members of the society and also amongst the general public.
  2. To encourage education and social activities at national and international level. To organize charitable and welfare activities.
  3. Provide training on sophisticated instruments and empowering the students with confidence where they acquire practical knowledge throughout the course, thereby enabling them to seek good placements in their related fields.
  4. To promote collective learning and sharing of resources, dissemination of information and technology for sustainable development.
  5. Looking forward to the research in the field of agriculture & scientific community and developing programs to meet those needs.
  6. Inculcating civic and human values by integrating community awareness and social concerns into the folds of the regular curriculum.
  7. Encouraging the international collaboration & support in scientific field (Research).
  8. Investigation of combined use of physical, cultural and chemical research in the welfare of human being.
  9. Establishing and maintaining contacts with research groups outside Europe & other countries.
  10. To emerge new possibilities for science & technology, industrial expertise, possibilities for co-operation and potential sources for financial support.
  11. To focus on missions like-Clean India, Green India and Make in India, 3 Dreams to be achieve for India.

Mission of GPESDS

Our aim is non-profitable and serve to our nation people so for fulfillment of our society purpose. A society based on legitimate rights, equity, honesty, social sensitivity and a culture of service in which all are self-reliant and to serve for our nation by providing a scientific community. We focus on women and girls to enable them realize their rights, avail resources and opportunities, fight for social injustice, develop leadership capabilities and build a better future for themselves.

Future Vision

We want to excel our NGO on State level , National level, International level by the help of government. We seek a world of hope, tolerance and social justice, where poverty has been overcome and people live in dignity and security. And also to provide quality laboratory where research work, projects, training can be done & we are focusing on to 3 missions- skill India, Make in India & Clean India.