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Training Session at Premises of Bherulal Patidar College Mhow By PGTRI Expertise

“Change the Instruments and you change the entire theory that goes with them” This Concept  is valid to all instruments whether Analytical, Scientific or any…. For those explanation our PG Tech Research Institute team present at Bherulal Patidar College MHOW .Somewhat tried to convey this message and with the warm support of faculty and staff present at this Seminar .We sincerely appreciate Dr. Swagata Gupta Mam and all members of advisory Board for their support in approaching to the level of Knowledge which the students should have … As a teacher it will give great happiness if I Can transform an average student of the class to perform exceedingly well. Also we like to give thanks to the Principal ” Dr. Kusumlata Nigwal” For their warm support and regards . We would like to appreciate Prof.Mrs. Maneesha Dandawate for her regardless efforts and team co-operation in making this event Sucessful